Mirella at Shakti Body Yoga is one of my best friends so I was over the moon to work on the branding for her new yoga venture. Inspired by the beaches of Ibiza and Indian patterns I was really drawn to the oranges and turquoises of our inspiration board. The orange bringing warmth to the design and the turquoise pulling in the freedom and power of the ocean. The lotus flower and its meaning within the Buddhist religion of patience and purity, two things that are a huge part of the kind of yoga that Mirella trains in was an obvious symbol to incorporate into the logo. The symmetry and shapes within the flower are strong symbolisations of the body and the strength that yoga installs in us. I am super happy with the result of the logo - and to see my friend on this new path. You can find out more about her journey and classes here.


Shakti Yoga Moodboard_1.jpg