Obsessed | Non Paper Calligraphy

Something I am obsessed with at the moment, and you all should be too, is calligraphy on non-paper surfaces. It is something I have been pinning like a lunatic (you can find me on pinterest here) and have been desperate to try out for a while. Recently I got ebay happy and bought some agate slices (not something that easy to find in the UK-anyone with good sources please hook me up) and some sea glass. I also borrowed/stole some decorative stones from my mums garden. Armed with these and some posca paint pens (you can buy them here from Cult Pens...they send you sweeties too), which I looooove, I made some non-traditional table settings. These are such a great idea if you are looking to break away from the norm, especially for beachy or rural weddings. Love love love. 


All pictures are of my own work and are property of Oh Wonder Calligraphy. You can follow me on Instagram @ohwondercalligraphy and you'll find a lovely little video of my chipped nails writing on sea glass.

I have so many plans of things to write on next (armed with my posca pens my boyfriend should count himself lucky all our windows aren’t covered in calligraphy) I would love to try out some calligraphy on drift wood, shells (beach holiday anyone?), marble and glass.