Studio Tour

When we were shooting the content for my book the lovely Holly Booth came down to stay and the evening before we spent the day in a studio shooting for the book she took some lovely shots of my studio. This studio is absolute chaos most of the time but it is my little oasis and I love working in here so it is really nice to have some pictures to share properly. I am on a never-ending journey to find the best storage solutions as things tend to pile up but when it is tidy it is pretty manageable (until it gets untidy a couple of hours later!) and most things have a home until everything goes mental during wedding or christmas season!

We built our studio about 4 years ago after Steve bought a letterpress on a bit of a whim and we suddenly had a huge half a tonne bit of kit to house. There was a shed here already which had foundations so we knocked it down (figuratively I had absolutely no part in the manual labour!) and built a long building which is half our studio and then the other half is a shed (/storage for my packaging materials!) and outside garden storage. It has definitely changed a bit over the past few years changing and adding different storage systems like above desk shelves and the ikea square shelves and it certainly isn’t perfect but it has always been my happy creative place.

The desk is L shape (the long bit for me and the short bit for Steve/my overflow) which we built to fit and then there are Ikea Alex drawers and cupboards for storage underneath. The shelves above my desk we bought from here and Steve put together. The walls are not super strong (and I own A LOT of books) so we had to have something that was anchored to the ceiling and desk instead.

In terms of on desk storage I have lots of pen pots and some acrylic drawers from Muji which keeps all my paint pens flat so they don’t dry out and some wooden drawers from Ikea to store all my paints and some extra inks. My rainbow of inks and all my books are kept on the shelves above the desk.

The large storage unit which stores all my materials and samples is the Ikea Kallax and I have the added trays and drawers to add more storage for small items. I also have storage boxes in them and some plastic drawers from amazon to store all my paper samples which are a LIFESAVER.

All in all it is pretty simple and as with everything a bit of a working progress, it is quite narrow so when I get lots of big items in like boxes of seaglass or baubles it can get a bit hectic…I am also incredibly messy (I know I KNOW hard to believe) so whilst a lot things have a home it does sometimes (okay VERY OFTEN) become a bit crazy but thanks to Holly I now have these photos to remind me of how it can look when it is spick and span!

L x