The Oh Wonder Christmas Gift Guide

Now we are heading into the end of November (HOW !?!) I am in full Christmas Shopping mode so I thought I would do a little gift guide for the calligraphers in your life! Over the last month I have added a few new treats in the shop for the festive period so it is your one stop shop for all things calligraphy based!

For The Beginner
Know someone who wants to learn calligraphy? Or do you have a friend who loves learning new things? For the total beginner there are a few different options to get them started…

The Modern Calligraphy Kit £25
This kit includes the basic tools you need to get going - a penholder, nib, black ink and worksheets. It also comes in a beautiful hot foiled gift box so it is ready to go! Just add on a practice pad £5 so that the recipient can get going straight away!

The Ultimate Beginners Modern Calligraphy Kit from £40
This kit is the next level up from the Modern Calligraphy Kit and along with all the basic tools you get a practice pad, three coloured inks of your choice (there are over 50 to choose from!) and you can add my book Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering on too! This book is the best tool for learning and it will take a beginner right through to pro status! It also includes lots of projects for every occasion once you have the basics down!

Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering by Lauren Cooper £20
In September this year my book Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering launched to the world! It was a total labour of love and I hope the perfect guide to Modern Calligraphy for beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike. The first half of the book is instructional and goes through tools, the alphabet, digitising and some tips on getting your work out there along with lots more and the second half is full of projects for every occasion from birthday cards to personalised baubles. It is the perfect present for anyone who loves calligraphy especially those who want a guide to get started.

For The Intermediate Calligrapher…
Know someone who’s favourite hobby is calligraphy? Maybe they do it as a side hustle or they are always giving the most beautiful of cards. The list is endless of things they will love but to give you some ideas…

The Calligraphy Lovers Kit from £45
This kit is great for the intermediate calligrapher, whether they do it as a profession or just a hobby this kit includes everything they need to take them to the next step. The kit includes a Practice Pad, Three coloured inks of your choice, Moblique penholder in pale pink (this penholder is my favourite and you can use it as a straight or oblique holder a tester set of 7 modern calligraphy nibs. There is also the option to add copy of my book Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering.

Coloured Calligraphy Inks from £5.50
I am very proud to sell the largest collection of handmade coloured calligraphy inks, a collection which now includes over 50 colours there is something for everyone from pastels to metallics. You can pick just one at a time or choose your own trio from £14. Perfect for adding some colour to practise or creations!

Tilted Ink Pot Holder £10
These ink pot holders hold your ink at an angle so once the ink pot is half full you can easily top up your nib without having to tilt the pen yourself every time you re-dip!

Finetec Palettes £21.50
These finetec palettes are sets of six metallic watercolours that are amazing for calligraphy. The pigments are SO shiny and perfect for writing on light or dark paper. They come in six variations so there is something for everyone!

Nib Tester Set £12.50
This set of nibs includes 7 of the most popular nibs for modern calligraphy. Nib preference is very personal and depends on so many factors. This set is the perfect way to try out a few different options.

Bespoke Penholder by Holdfast & Turner from £55
The ultimate gift for a calligrapher is a handmade calligraphy pen and I am now so proud to sell bespoke straight penholders (oblique coming in the new year!) by Holdfast & Turner (aka my long suffering boyfriend Steve). They come in so many variations and each is totally unique. All made by hand in a workshop in South East London these are a one of a kind gift that will no doubt will get a huge smile on Christmas Day.

So there you go! Hopefully that sorts out any Christmas shopping for the calligraphers in your life (OR if you are a calligrapher just press print for a readymade Christmas list!)

Remember that I offer free shipping on all UK orders over £40! Use the code FREESHIPPING40 at the checkout. Christmas postage deadlines are as follows; to guarantee delivery for Christmas all International orders must be made by 28th November 2018 and all UK orders by 12th December 2018. Any orders made past these dates may miss last delivery dates.

Happy Shopping!

L x

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