Hello! Today I am going to do something a bit different...a little DIY post. Yesterday I spent a few hours dip dyeing some stationery for a styled shoot that I have coming up this weekend, I loved the outcome so much that I decided to do some purple dip dyed notecards ready to letterpress to sell in my etsy store! Here is a really simple post on how to DIY these yourself. You could use the dyed paper for birthday cards, notelets, place cards anything really! Each one is unique, which I love, making for a really interesting beautiful set of cards. 


  • Watercolour Paint of your choice - I used a cheap purple that I had hanging around. I did use almost the whole tube but I was using a big bowl. You could use less if you are just doing smaller pieces of paper. 
  • Bowl or Tub for watercolour mixture
  • Paintbrush for mixing
  • Card or paper 
  • Drying rack - I use Gocco card drying racks, a toast rack works great too!
  • Kitchen Roll 


1) Mix watercolour with water in a bowl/tub. I used a lot of paint as I was dyeing quite large pieces of paper. If you are just doing place cards for example use a smaller bowl. Test the colour of the dye on scrap pieces of paper as in the bowl it will look a lot darker than it will on the paper.

2) Dip paper into dye. Play around with the angles that you dip it to get different effects, you can also play with the movement of the water to get a wiggly line where the paper hits the water.

3)Pull out the paper and blot on a piece of kitchen roll to get rid of the excess liquid.

4)Place upside down on drying rack. 

5)When they are dry the paper may have curved slightly, if so put them under a heavy book overnight to flatten out.

And there you go VOILA some hand dyed stationery all ready to be written on. If you like this DIY let me know and I will try and do some more DIY posts...and if you try it out let me know how you get on tag me in photos on instagram or send me an email.