Book Club | Work Smarter : Live Better by Cyril Peupion

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today marks a new little section I am adding to the blog, book club! If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I recently finished Work Smarter : Live Better by Cyril Peupion and I wanted to share what I learnt from it in a mini review and as I am planning to do more reading and devote more time to self-learning this year hopefully I will be reading a lot more that I can share and make this an ongoing feature. 

Title | Work Smarter : Live Better by Cyril Peupion

Synopsis | Written by Australian business coach Cyril Peupion this book teaches practical tools to help you control your time and workload and organise your work so that you are not left stressed and feeling like you never get anything done. The teachings in this book are really interesting and for the most part quite simple. Putting them into practice that is the hard bit, but will leave you working much more effectively. The book will challenges how you think about work and time and aims to equip you to work smarter and live better.

What I thought | I found this book really interesting and read it in under a week (admittedly half of it was read on the journey back from Paris something that does not happen often enough). Although it was largely aimed at people that work in offices and in a corporate world the basic lessons can definitely be applied to a self-employed creative like myself. There were a few parts that I originally thought didn't apply to me (he talks about microsoft outlook a lot) but when I actually thought about it I saw how I could relate them to the way I run my business and spend my time. It definitely made me question the value I put on my time and made me think about my 'big rocks' the things that are most important to my business and my life. Whilst I haven't had a chance to fully put everything I learnt into practice I am already using some of the lessons in my day to day.

Biggest lessons / Email management. My inbox is very organised with loads of folders and subfolders, one thing that Cyril recommends. However, I have my email open all the time on my laptop and on my phone and it is such a big distraction. I now have twice daily designated to checking my emails and things that can be replied to in under 5 minutes I do then and there and those that can't be I schedule in my diary for the next time I have space. It is definitely going to take some getting used to - I feel quite on edge not checking it but I think it will bring some control to my email procrastination. Planning. I again am a bit of a planner but I have all good intentions invariably end up flapping my way through the days and weeks without much direction. This book has some great examples of how to plan an effective week with lots of breathing space so that I feel more in control of your time. I am trying to assign times to everything I do now so that I can actually see what I can fit into my day as opposed to just having a never-ending to-do list that I can never finish. It is important to fill your diary with your big rocks first and then fit the other smaller things around them. Big rocks are things that are important and high impact on your business. We want to try and spend more time in a proactive mind frame working on high impact long-term activities as oppose to reactive activities that are urgent but low impact. Say No. The key to being more proactive is to say no to low impact work, many successful business owners and managers say no to a lot of things that they don't deem important. It is okay to say no sometimes. Evaluate what the impact of the work is before saying yes. There is a difference between important work and urgent matters. Value time. We place so much more value on money than time - we are always hustling away to make money yet it is time that can be taken away from us at any given moment. Cyril opens the book with such a great example of this that really makes you think.

Favourite Quote | 'Think progress not perfection'

Rating | 5/5

Buy It | I have the Kikki K edition which you can buy here or the original edition is available on amazon here.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you thought if you have and leave me suggestions for my next read!

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