2018 | goals

The last post I wrote looked back over a brilliant 2017 so today as I step back into the studio I am planning and prepping (or at least attempting to) for the next year. Yesterday I looked back through the goals I made for 2017 and am happy that I reached not all but most of them. This year I am trying to be realistic with my goal setting and make them measurable. I used Powersheets for the second half of 2017 and have bought a year one for this year so I will be using that to plan, prep and track my goals…if I remember to actually do it which leads us onto goal number one….

In business….

Be organised, plan, prep and schedule my time.
This tends to be my downfall at times. I have all the things to do and I don't schedule them properly so I end up racing through everything with an air of total panic surrounding me. I also procrastinate sometimes….all times….and I need to stop that. I am hoping by time blocking my day using my very snazzy Lifestyled planner I can keep on track of the work I have to do and also make time for self development. I also need to schedule time each month for finances and accounts - I am SO terrible at this and really must get better because it causes me so much stress. One of my jobs this week it to work out exactly what I need to do in the week to week running of my business and then schedule it in to every week so I always have the time to do it…..that will work right?! 

Self Development.
I am determined to spend time on self development in 2018. I want to spend more time learning how to use my iPad pro (which I have had for over a year….oops) and also learn copperplate calligraphy. Along with adding these to my skill set I want to learn more business skills to help my business for example marketing and Pinterest. I am hoping that I can put aside at least an hour a week to spend on self development.

New Collection Designs
This year I launched four new collections which went really well and I would like to do 3 more in 2018 before I exhibit at Excel in April! I have a couple of ideas already - its just a case of making them a reality now!

Okay so this is one that I didn't managed last year so it is here again…BLOGGING. I MUST BE BETTER. I really enjoy chatting away here so I want to make more effort to make time for it. Ideally I would like to post once a week…but I am going to aim for at least once a fortnight to start off with - don't want to get too big for my boots!

In 2017 I grew my following from 2k to 7k so my goal for 2018 is to grow it to 12k. I really enjoy using Instagram and I am so proud of the organic growth that I have had on the platform. Plus all the pretty is just the best. I find it a huge source of inspiration and a great place to engage and network with fellow suppliers and creatives.

I lost a little bit of love for teaching at the end of 2018 as I found it hard to sell tickets and had a little bit of a low confidence moment seeing all the amazing calligraphers teaching in London and I thought no one wanted to come to my workshops anymore (I know, poor, poor Lauren). This year I want to find the love back for them and plan some for the upcoming months and also get an intermediate workshop plan in place. I would also love to do some kind of online course but I think that might be on the cards for 2019 not this year.

Wedding Clients
In 2017 I nailed down my ideal client and this year I want to find more of them! I have been pushing my invitation design and ended the year with five new invitation clients which was really great. In 2018 I would like to get 20 invitation clients in total a mix of Collection Designs and Bespoke.

In Life…

I am the classic cliche of ‘Go on a diet’ being my new years resolution which I fail at every year, however in November last year I went on a sugar detox and although I only lasted 5 weeks it really made me feel a lot better in myself so I am going to do this again and do the whole 8 weeks and then once I have done it I am hoping that I can stick to it and have less sugar as a whole in my diet. I am not a natural exerciser and I actually hate it (ha) but it does make me feel better and I feel when I get up and work out in the morning even if it just a power walk with the dog it makes me feel much better in body and mind for the day ahead. My goal for 2018 is to exercise 4 times a week (more if possible) to get my body moving and my mind working…along with dropping the two stone I need to lose…(fab.)

I love reading and I miss it so much. I would like to read one book a month this year and make a conscious effort to spend half an hour in bed reading rather than watching crap telly until late at night. It helps my imagination and creative side whereas I feel a lot of the time TV dulls it.

Exploring and Travel
We live in the suburbs of london and we are so close to gorgeous Kent countryside and Surrey which I feel we don't take advantage of enough. This year I want to have a family day out somewhere new each month, a day trip to discover somewhere new and the beauty of what is around us.

My working hours have continuously increased over this last year much quicker than I expected them too and Oscar now goes to daycare 3 days a week. He also spends one day a week with his grandparents and still sleeps in the afternoon (long may that last!!). I end up only having one on one time with him one morning a week (weekends we spend mainly as a family!) this year my goal is to spend that morning doing something fun with my attention fully on him rather than trying to balance parenting/work. I can afford to take one morning off work and spend it with him and I must remember this.

So in a nutshell those are my goals for 2018, I think they are pretty achievable (except maybe the losing weight as ALWAYS) and I feel pumped for the year ahead. It already feels promising and I am excited for the journey it takes me on. 

What are your goals for 2018?

L x

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