Monthly Recap | June

We are now almost a week into July (HOW?!) so it is time to look back over the last month and have a look back at June. 

I have been so lucky to have had three shoots out this month! I love the outcome of all of them and they have been featured on some great blogs. I have also got some stunning photos for my website from them and worked with the most talented of suppliers. I am so looking forward to having even more out in the next couple of months to share with you all. I have blogged about each of the shoots which you can read and see here.

June was also the month that I worked on two gorgeous weddings and did wonderful mirrors for them! These were the first mirrors that I have worked on although they took a bit of working out they went really well and I loved the outcome of them. I am still waiting on the professional photos from them but for now here are my snaps (taken in my hallway aka the only place in the house where I didn't get a reflection of baby toys!) For one of these weddings I also got to do the most gorgeous leaf place settings...which I absolutely loved. 

Finally to sum this up I worked on my first PR event this month with the lovely Alice Gabb. We did a launch party for Totem Adornments with Push PR writing little love notes for guests. It was so lovely to hear what wonderful things people had to say about their loved ones and in the gorgeous setting of The Swan Pub at The Globe. 

Such a great month! To see snaps of what I get up to day to day follow me over on my social media channels through the icons below!