September Feelings

Hello Strangers! Have you been wondering where I have gone? I am sorry. I am still alive and kicking I have just been buried under a ton of wedding calligraphy commissions for the last few months. One of my never ending goals is to be more organised with my blog (and life) and it is a working progress but I want to be here more and serve you guys because I love this little space of the internet that is mine. This summer has been a mad one...but I will save that for next week for now here is a new blog feature...the feeeeeeelings feature. I absolutely love making mood boards, I mean hello have you seen my Pinterest?! So I thought I would introduce monthly mood board posts showing what I am feeling this month.  

September Moodboard.jpg

Somehow we seem to have fallen into September...I am trying desperately not to think about how quickly this has happened. But what it does mean is that we are heading into Autumn, which is my absolutely my favourite season. As much as I love the sunshine (as long as it isn't too hot) there is nothing I love more than being in jumpers and boots kicking through crunchy leaves and snuggling up under blankets in the evenings. Septembers feelings are based around blushes and neutrals along with cool greys and dark blues, intense patterns, layered materials and of course heading towards cosy layers. I find that flora, patterns and fabrics are what I lean most towards when searching for inspiration for designs there is just something so beautiful about them. The style of calligraphy that I am using most at the moment is this loose style - I just love the effortless flow and bounce of it.

So September, I think you might be a bit of a beauty (especially as I am jetting off to France for 10 days! Woohoo!) but I promise you will see me here soon and I am not disappearing for months again!

Ciao for now.

L x

What I Have Learnt | The Fear

Today I am putting out a post that will probably touch on personal but through many of the conversations I have with new and old friends, I think it is something worth talking (writing/waffling) about. Fear is a tiny word that can have a huge affect on people and when you are launching/running your own business it can be debilitating. 

N.B. I am talking about the kind of internal fear that affects your confidence and ability to make yourself visible - not the kind that engulfs you if you come face to face with a shark or lion so PLEASE GOD do not try and fight that fear - run for your lives (or whatever else Bear Grylls types recommend for these kinds of incidents.)

Three (ish) years ago I packed in my job as a supervisor at a high-end fashion store in Notting Hill wanting to set up a stationery business. And I choked. Big time. I spent a year ‘freelancing’ on the surface but inside I was freaking the eff out frequently. I spent days sleeping and crying with frustrating not knowing what I wanted to do or how to get where I wanted to be… Over this time I slowly went through my savings and basically did nothing, and it was embarrassing. I was embarrassed that I wasn't supporting myself and living off my boyfriend and I was embarrassed that I had no drive at all left in me, the drive that had got me through school, college and university had disappeared and I had no idea how to get it back.

The overwhelm took over me and the fear was uncontrollable. I didn't think I was good enough, I didn't think anyone else would think I was good enough and I certainly had no clue where to start. Even stuff like who to use for printing and on what paper - sent me into a total panic because it was so just too overwhelming. My natural response to feeling any kind of stressful emotion - sadness, anxiety, overwhelm - is to sleep soooooo as you can imagine not much gets done. I pushed away everyone that was trying to help me because I was ashamed and scared of how I was feeling. Yep, that's right - scared of the fear. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK GODDAMN. Way too many emotions.

As I am writing this I am sat on a train going up to the midlands to teach at The Handmade Fair for three days. Over the past year, I have taught over 100 people in groups of 10-20 and I love it, I get such a buzz from it, something that shocked me as I am naturally quite shy with people that I don't know. However this weekend I am teaching 100 people IN ONE GO, on three occasions, and I am absolutely terrified. It hasn't been helped by an overly stressful week but I have the hugest knot in my stomach and I am so so so scared that I am going to get up there in front of all these people and freeze. So how do I deal with this? By just doing it, at this point I don't really have a choice anyway I can't back out, but I have to trust my knowledge and my experience and just get up there and teach like I would any other time.

Fear is an emotion that happens to everyone, it's scary but what it does is release the hormone adrenaline which induces the ‘Fight or Flight’ instinct in us so we have options - we can either run away from it (for me this includes curling in a ball and going to sleep) OR we can fight it. Take that fear by the balls and say NO you will not control me I am going to kick your butt (please refer to my note above and please don't do this to an angry shark…swim for your life my friend SWIM). 

It has taken me a really really long time to get to the latter - but after I had my son I had this new found determination, I didn't want or need to do this just for me I needed to do it for him too and it clicked. That is not to say that the fear went away - putting myself out there was still excruciatingly terrifying but I knew that I just had to do it, so I took that fear by the balls put a website out there and released my baby into the world (business baby not real baby that would be terrible parenting). When it comes to business in my opinion and small amount of experience things are rarely as terrible as you think, and my website and brand was greeted by waves of enthusiasm from friends, industry peoples and potential clients. No one laughed at me, no one said are you being serious, no one asked me if it was a joke and no one turned around and said that I was awful and would never make it. All the things I was terrified about didn't happen, and why? Because generally the stuff we get ‘the fear’ about is usually made up in our heads.

Fear will always play a huge part in my life, I know that, especially the kind of anxiety led fear that I get which can stop me wanting to leave the house. But I have realised that when it comes to my business I cannot let it rule me and my decisions because I would never do anything. I get pangs of fear when someone asks me to do something I haven't done before, but then I ask myself why? They are asking me to do something related to my job i.e./ calligraphy not to lead open heart surgery. So WHY am I scared? I have always been able to work things out before and if I can’t I am part of an amazing community and usually at least one superstar in there can help me figure it out.

It’s the unknown that gets the fear amped up but we have to believe that we are a lot more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Whether you have run a business before or not (I haven’t) you will have a wealth of experience to draw on just from doing life. For me I worked in a designer store for four years - I have a huge amount of experience in client communication and giving clients an amazing sales experience, going from a store supervisor to calligrapher might not seem like the most related jump but I draw on this experience daily and I fully believe that it makes me better at my job. 

So to tie this up - as these posts get so long and I really don't want to bore you all to death….

  • Fear is a natural response to the unknown and we don't have to be scared/ashamed of the fact we are feeling it. 
  • Fear can be run away from or faced head on. Do the latter in business, the first if faced with a man-eating beast.
  • The things we are scared of very rarely happen because we have built them up in our heads.
  • Ask yourself WHY your scared…if the answer is ‘because people might hate it’ slap yourself and get on with it. People WON’T hate it and if they do then they are dicks and aren't your market.
  • We are much more capable than we give ourselves credit for.
  • YOU are enough and what you do is amazing so say F you to the fear and get yourself out there.

I hope that maybe this post is in the least bit helpful!

Chat soon! 

L x

Note - I am posting this after the handmade fair which was GREAT! After I got over the horrendous nerves it was absolutely fine and nothing awful happened like I had imagined and I just got on with doing the same thing I do every time I teach. The sense of achievement afterwards was amazing and I felt so proud of myself for doing it. So the proof is in the pudding - the reward for facing the fear can be so rewarding! 

the handmade fair

Styled Shoot | Horniman Museum

Hello hello! Today I am sharing this stunning fine art shoot that was featured on Bloved a few weeks ago. The whole shoot was shot on film by the wonderful Faye Cornhill and it is just perfection. I am lucky enough to live about 10 minutes away from The Horniman Museum which is home to this stunning 19th century glasshouse which I LOVE (seriously though I am like totally mad for any kind of conservatory/glasshouse). It also happens to be the place that we went for Oscars first outing when he was a teeny tiny babe at three weeks I love it even more for that reason.

The team for this shoot were absolutely amazing - so lovely and so talented that it was an absolute dream to be a part of. I created a deep burgundy and white suite with a vellum wrap around and twine and wax seal details ( obseeeeeeessed) along with some delicate vellum place settings that looked so beautiful amongst the stunning tablescape. You can see the whole original feature here and some of my favourite images below.

I would love to know what you think about this shoot! Leave me a comment or pop over to my Instagram and leave me one there!

L x

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Shoot | Puzzlewood

Today I want to share with you this fantastic shoot that I took part in towards the end of last year that was published on Boho Brides last week. When Krysta and Katrina got in touch with me and I looked at the amazing setting that is Puzzlewood I knew that this shoot was going to be gorgeous...and then we talked about a silk background and I was in love with the whole concept and idea. 

The inspiration behind the shoot was to have a lavish and decadent creation that was rooted in nature and the setting of the ancient woods in Puzzlewood was absolutely perfect for it. The huge banquet table covered in the most delicious looking foods fitted in with the surroundings perfectly and the foliage arch with silk backdrop...just wow I am totally in love with those images (as you'll know if you follow me on Instagram as I have shared loads of them!) 

I am so grateful to be a part of such amazing shoots like this one and to be able to share these stunning images with you all - let me know what you think about them and if you are a creative that has a shoot in mind feel free to contact me - I love taking part in new ideas!

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