Letterpress | Greeting Cards

I spent this past sunny baby free weekend in my studio printing up a handful of greeting cards on our vintage press. I have spent the last couple of months planning and designing a small range of stationery to letterpress. I find so many greeting cards are so fussy and have so much going on so when designing my line I wanted to concentrate very much on simplistic designs with a handmade touch. 

I absolutely love the process of printing my own stationery whether it be wedding suites or cards as it is so personal and apart from having an external source make my plates for me I am doing the whole process myself. The first step is the design process and creating the calligraphy, for these cards I did a few messages and some little illustrations that can be mixed and matched. The calligraphy and drawings are then scanned and digitalized. The artwork is then sent off to Metallic Elephant who made it into wood mounted plates for me. Now the fun part starts! Using spacers and quoins I lock the artwork into the chase of the printing bed, get my ink spread out on the press and rollers and then were ready to go! Due to the nature of the press and the fact that it is all done by hand every print is slightly different which is one of the many things that I absolutely love about printing on a vintage letterpress. I enjoyed the weekends printing so much that I got a bit ebay crazy and bought a table top 5x3 Adana press so keep your eyes peeled for designs printed with that too!

I will be selling my cards and various other things that I have in the pipeline online (sign up to our newsletter to get notified when the shop goes live!) and in September I will be exhibiting at Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair so come along and say hi! All my cards are printed on 270gsm GF Smith Colorplan Bright White stock with Van Son rubber based inks.