Workshop | Brixon Ritzy 27th August 2016

Hello! Happy Wednesday everyone! Todays post is all about my first group workshop that was held on Saturday 27th August at Upstairs at The Ritzy in Brixton. I had such a great time teaching this wonderful group of students and was lucky enough to have Catherine from Catherine Short Floral Design attend and bring some gorgeous blooms with her as well as the wonderful Philippa from Philippa Sian Photography there taking all kinds of professional snaps for me! 

We started off the workshop with a little introduction to myself and the basic tools and rules of modern calligraphy. I then introduced the group to the wonderful world of drills and how to use the nib and penholder to create the thin upstrokes and thicker downstrokes. After some drill work we moved onto the much more exciting alphabet! I talked them through my style of lettering and did a little demo showing them how I hold my pen and write some of the more difficult looking letters. 

I absolutely LOVED this workshop it was so much fun and full of enthusiasm and it is the best feeling to be able to share my skills with others. Take a peek below at some of the gorgeous shots that Philippa took for me and sign up to the newsletter below to be the first to hear when I release new dates (it will be super soon!) and also some collaborative workshops I have in the works!