beginners & intermediate modern calligraphy workshops

Come and learn some new hand lettering skills at one our modern calligraphy workshops! These 2 hour courses are perfect for anyone who wants to learn the art of modern calligraphy. Whether you are a bride who wants to add a special touch to your big day, a designer who wants to add some gorgeous hand lettering to your designs, or you just fancy learning a new hobby to wow your friends and family with handmade cards and tags at celebrations, this workshop will show you how to create beautiful letters using a nib and ink. These beginners workshops will introduce you to the basics of the modern calligraphy starting with the tools and strokes and then leading on to the alphabet. You will all receive a workbook of exercises and tips along with a starter kit with my favourite tools in.

I also offer private workshops either one-on-one or for a group of people. If you are interested then please send me a message via the contact button and we can chat about some possibilities.




Lovely Words

'I had a wonderful time at Lauren's Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners. She went into a lot of detail about using the right supplies and offered great tips on useful resources and supply stores. Her workshop was relaxed and thorough - she made sure to go around and check on everyone and all her advice was spot on. I would highly recommend it!' - Filipa Talbot via Facebook

'I attended the modern calligraphy workshop in Greenwich on Sunday and it was excellent. Lauren gave us loads of useful information such as recommending her go to books, blogs and suppliers to allow us to continue developing our skills after the class. She was very honest and open about her calligraphy journey and encouraged us to find our own styles whilst giving useful technical advice. The pace of the workshop was just right...nothing felt rushed but we also got quite a lot done. The group was a good size too and everyone was friendly and encouraging. I'm looking forward to using these skills soon, thanks Lauren. Money well spent!' - Ericaca Ca via Facebook

'Lauren is a great teacher and really generous with her time and resources. The class was a great introduction and I'm looking forward to getting more practise with all my new tools and inks!' - Laura Jayne Acland via Facebook

'I did a workshop with Lauren in Greenwich and it was perfect, She's given me so many tips and the confidence to carry on with my calligraphy Journey! I love her!!'  - Gemma Helaina Brown via Facebook

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oh wonder calligraphy workshop at forest
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