Christmas Red Calligraphy Ink

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Photo 08-11-2017 copy 6.jpeg
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Christmas Red Calligraphy Ink


Christmas Red Metallic Coloured Calligraphy Ink. This ink has a gorgeous subtle shimmer to it when dry.

This ink comes in a 15ml pot and is made by me in my studio in South East London to the perfect consistency for pointed pen calligraphy.

This ink has been hand mixed for use with a dip pen. Due to the nature of the materials used the pigments can settle so before use it will need a shake or a mix. After use, wipe round the edges to stop the ink drying and the lid sticking.

If you find the ink is too watery for the consistency that you like then leaving the lid off for a little bit will enable some of the water will evaporate. You can also add a touch of gum arabic to the ink to thicken it slightly.

Over time the water in your ink will naturally evaporate so you may have the add a drop more.

Every batch of inks are tested by myself with a Nikko G nib. If you are using a different nib then the results may vary slightly but all pointed nibs should be fine with these inks.

This ink is for use with good quality practise papers or art papers, due to the water content it will bleed on low quality papers such as printer paper.

Please note that I have tried my up most to show the true colours in the photos but colours do vary slightly between screens.

I hope you love your ink - if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact so I can sort it out for you.

You can find lots more coloured inks in my store!

Enjoy calligraphing!

Lauren x

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