My little garden studio is home to a wonderful vintage Harrild Pullman Letterpress which I use to print most of my stationery. Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a printing press. The type or plate is placed on the printing bed and locked into place then inked and then the paper is pressed into the paper creating an impression on the paper. It has been around since the 15th century and for hundreds of years was the main way to print and distribute information until the 20th century when offset printing was invented. 

Each print on my press is done by hand and creates a beautiful and unique item that you will want to cherish. Letterpress gives a great luxurious finish when printed on thick stock which is great for invitations and stationery. I love printing stationery myself as it means that bar having plates made externally every part of your commission is done in house making it totally bespoke and personal. If you are interested in having some stationery letter pressed drop me an email or look at my price guidelines

Vintage Harrild Pullman Letterpress